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1,500+ PMP Flash Cards by 10 Knowledge Areas and Agile Practices

PMP® Certification Exam preparation is a long journey. While there are shorter and longer cases, average PMP exam preparation duration is six months. During your PMP study, you will learn lots of concepts, theories, formulas and more. While you are completing PMP exam content knowledge areas one by one, you will need to memorize previous chapters that you have completed already.

PMP® Flash Cards Online will help you to memorize your PMP knowledge during your preparation. You will have access to 1,500+ PMP Flash Cards and by each knowledge area. So, you will be able to study with the flash cards for the PMP knowledge area that you have completed already.

Master of Project Academy helped more than 300,000 professionals in 180+ countries to pass their PMP certification exams with an industry leading 99.6% first attempt pass rate.

Master of Project Academy allows professionals to advance their training at a schedule that fits their busy life. No set dates, no set number of hours. No need to take time off to accommodate a course schedule in a physical classroom. And with 24 hour assistance, professionals have access to help whenever they need it.

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Watch Alan’s PMP® Journey

Alan: “Master of Project Academy PMP training is filled with information, did not leave any stone unturned and all of the content was relatable to the exam. It was my only source for exam preparation. I did not have to explore beyond the curriculum provided. When I’ve got to the end of the PMP exam, I felt like “wow, I did it!”. It was really based on the curriculum that the Master of Project Academy provided. It’s got all the material there and Master of Project Academy keeps it up to date. I would highly recommend Master of Project Academy for getting ready for the PMP exam.

What do I get with PMP Flash Cards Online?

PMP Flash Cards by Master of Project Academy is 100% Online. PMP Flash Cards Online will help you to recap what you learned during your PMP exam preparation. PMP Flash Cards Online content is based on the latest PMBOK.

Why do I need PMP® Flash Cards?

They will help you to recall what you learned during your PMP® Journey.


Once you purchased the PMP Flash Cards Online, you will have access to 1,500+ PMP Flash Cards from 10 PMP Knowledge Areas and you will be able to access from any internet-connected device.

You will be able to navigate back and forth between knowledge areas as many times as you wish.


  • Desktop, Mobile and Tablet responsive. So you can access from any device you wish.
  • 1,500+ PMP Flash Cards by 10 Knowledge Areas
  • Based on the latest PMBOK
  • No view limit/restriction – Access to cards as many times as you wish
  • 24/7 assistance from our expert support team

PMP Flash Cards Online is Ideal For…

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Every experienced professional looking to advance their Project Management career by gaining PMP certification at the first attempt can take the PMP Flash Cards Online. While studying for your 35 contact hours PM education requirement, you can take PMP Flash Cards Online and memorize the chapters you completed already.

PMP certification is essential for most senior project management roles including:

  • Project managers
  • Associate/Asst. Manager – Projects
  • Team leads/Managers
  • Project Executives/Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

If you did not attend a 35 contact hours PM education, you can enroll in PMP certification training. If you have already got the PMP certification and trying to earn PDUs to renew your PMP certification, you can enroll in 60+ PMP PDU Online Course Bundle.

What Successful PMP Students Are Saying

You can see several authentic and genuine reviews on our BBB, Google, and TrustPilot Pages.

PMP Flash Cards Online

“While I was preparing for my PMP exam, when I reached the Cost Management Knowledge area, I realized that I started to forget what I learned during the initial chapters. I discovered that PMP Flash Cards Online will help me to remember what I learned. By this way, I could complete my PMP study and pass the PMP exam on my first sit.”

Jessie Dunn

“PMP Flash Cards Online has several flash cards for each knowledge area. While I am commuting between office and home, I used PMP Flash Cards Online in my mobile phone. It helped me to utilize my travel time and get ready for the PMP exam better. ”

Narender Nandula

PMP Flash Cards Online

“PMP Flash Cards contain every topic and detail. I spared 15 minutes for each knowledge area after completing my study and during my PMP preparation, I went through knowledge area flashcards to remember what I learned previously. Simple and great solution to recap huge PMP exam content.”

Melis Akar

You will be as happy as our 300,000+ professionals community. Jessie, Narender and Melis are only three of them!


Master of Project Academy is an Accredited Business by Better Business Bureau®. What does this mean?
This means all figures, claims, and reviews of Master of Project Academy are audited and backed up. BBB® reviews the pass rate, student reviews, and all claims of our website, and make sure that they are genuine, authentic, and made by real students enrolled in our courses.

You can see several authentic and genuine reviews on our BBB, Google, and TrustPilot Pages.

Professionals enrolled from 100+ organizations including these reputable organizations

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Enroll in PMP® Flash Cards Online Now!

– 1,500+ PMP Flash Cards by 10 PMP Knowledge Areas
– Desktop, Mobile, Tablet responsive
– Access with any internet connected device
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Frequently Asked Questions

-Why should I take PMP Flash Cards Online?

PMP exam requires a dedicated and rigorous study. It might take several months to get ready for the PMP exam. While you are learning new PMP knowledge areas, you must remember the PMP knowledge area chapters you have completed already.

PMP Flash Cards Online plays a vital role by helping you to recap what you learned during your PMP study. You can go over the knowledge areas you have completed already in the PMP Flash Cards Online and memorize what you have studied. This will increase your chances to pass the PMP exam on your first attempt.

-When should I take PMP Flash Cards Online?

The best time to take PMP Flash Cards Online is when you start studying for PMP exam. While you are progressing and completing PMP knowledge areas, you can use PMP Flash Cards Online to memorize previous chapters you have already completed.

If you did not start to your PMP preparation yet, you can read our seven-step PMP study plan for creating your own PMP study plan.

-Can I see sample cards or demo of PMP Flash Card Online?

Of course, we have created a PMP Flash Cards Online Free Demo. You will see 20 sample PMP Flash Cards from the full PMP Flash Cards Online and how flash cards works in this demo.

-How should I use PMP Flash Cards Online?

Our recommendation is sparing a time to review your PMP study every week or every two weeks. For instance, you can spare one hour or two hours for every week for the completed PMP Knowledge Areas depending on the content size of the knowledge areas you have completed.

During this review time, you can use PMP flash cards online to recap previous chapters. Many students use it during their breaks at office, commuting and when they are mobile.

– How long can I access the PMP Flash Cards Online for?

For however long you need it. There are two pricing plans. Monthly and Annual access. In monthly plan, you will be charged every month on the same day of first transaction. You will have access to PMP flash cards online as long as you keep your subscription.

In Annual plan, you will be charged for an annual period and at the end of one year, you will be unsubscribed automatically.

– What if I am unhappy with the PMP Flash Cards Online?

All our courses come with a full 30-­day guarantee (*) for your protection. Our overall refund rate is less than 1% from 300,000+ students who have used our course to train for PMP certification.

But if for any reason you decide to cancel, just email [email protected] within 30 days of enrollment, and we’ll refund your payment in full.

*Note that, you must not have exceeded 10% of the content in order to get a full refund.

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