60 pmp pdu courses
  • 60 pmp pdu courses

60+ PMP PDU Online Course Bundle – Renew Your PMP® Certification Now!

$1,754.00 $197.00

60+ PMP PDU Online Course Package. Contains four online and self-paced certification courses to renew your PMP certification.

PMP PDU Bundle Includes: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training, ITIL Training, Agile Scrum Training & Microsoft Project Training

Everything you need to renew your PMP certification.

60 PMP PDU Bundle

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Earn 60 PMP PDUs to Renew Your PMP Certification

Online and Self Paced Courses to Earn 60 PMP PDU

Master of Project Academy is the leading online and self-paced online course provider for professionals. Check out our PMP PDU course bundle for PMP certified professionals to renew their PMP certification.

4 Courses, 60+ Hours

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training (30+ Hours, 30 PMP PDU)

Agile Scrum Certification Training (10+ Hours, 10 PMP PDU)

ITIL Foundation Certification Training (14+ Hours, 14 PMP PDU)

Microsoft Project Training (4+ Hours, 4 PMP PDU)

Limited Time Offer

All of these courses total list price is $1,754. For a limited time, you can enroll in all of these PMP PDU courses only for $197 and save 90%. You will have lifetime access to all courses in this 60 PMP PDU Online Course Bundle.

How can I submit my earned PMP PDUs?

PMP PDU distribution of each course for the PMI Talent Triangle categories, Technical, Strategic, Leadership, are as below respectively.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training – 12, 9, 9 = 30 PMP PDU

Agile Scrum Certification Training – 4, 4, 4 = 12 PMP PDU

ITIL Foundation Certification Training – 5, 5, 4 = 14 PMP PDU

Microsoft Project Training – 1, 2, 1 = 4 PMP PDU

Once you completed the courses, you can claim your earned PDUs as instructed in this link.

Master of Project Academy’s Advantages

  • 99.6% Pass Rate: Over 50,000 professionals enrolled from 180+ countries in Master of Project Academy courses. 99.6% of these professionals passed their certification exams in their first attempt.
  • 60+ PMP PDU Hours: You will access to 60+ PMP PDU hours to renew your PMP certification. When you completed your online courses, you will be receiving certificate of completion for each course you completed as well.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Your satisfaction and success makes us happy. If you are not satisfied with our courses, we will provide a full refund in 30 days*. Less than 1% of our students asked for a refund so far.
  • 24 Hours Support: Master of Project Academy instructors and support team answer all of your questions within 24 hours. You will feel like you enrolled in a classroom training!

*To have full refund, you must not exceed 10% of the overall course progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Renew My PMP?

PMI dictates that project management professionals who hold PMP certification must show professional experience or event activity that will help them to keep the pace of changing project management trends. Therefore, PMI expects each PMP certification holder to submit 60 PMP PDUs in each three years to retain their PMP certification. This is called as CCRS (Continuing Certification Requirements System) cycle. Since PMP certification is a globally reputable certification in project management world, it is strongly recommended to retain your PMP certification.

When Should I Start Submitting PDUs to Renew PMP?

Right after you get your PMP certification, submit any events or activity in CCRS that brings PMP PDU. Many certification holders wait till last months of PMP expiration date and try to complete all PMP PDUs in a couple of months or even weeks! PMI is rigorous for these PMP certification holders and your PDU submissions might not be accepted. Therefore, try to earn PDUs over time in each three years and complete 60 PDUs to renew your PMP certification at the end of third year.

Can I Fulfill My PDUs for Free?

There are free courses or free events (e.g. webinars, conferences etc.) that you can attend and gain PMP PDUs. However, completing all 60 PMP PDUs for FREE will be tough especially if you are a working professional. Therefore, the best way to complete PMP PDUs is enrolling in online courses and gaining PDUs easily. 60 PMP PDU Online Course Bundle will be a perfect fit for you to complete your PDU needs in one go!

How Can I Submit My Earned PMP PDUs?

Once you completed a course, you have to submit your earned PMP PDUs in the CCRS system of PMI. Read PMI PDU Submission post to see how to submit PDUs in CCRS step by step.

What Should I Do After I Completed 60 PMP PDUs in CCRS?

After you completed 60 PDUs in your CCRS cycle, you must apply for PMP renewal in your PMI profile page. You will fill in the application form and you will abide to the PMI code of ethics during PMP renewal process. Then, you will be directed to the payment.

What is the cost of PMP renewal?

PMI members pay 60 USD and non-members pay 150 USD to renew their PMP certification after they completed 60 PMP PDUs. You will be able to pay this fee online through your credit card and complete PMP renewal process.

Need more information about PMP Renewal?

You can read our PMP Certification Renewal post to learn more about PMP renewal process and how to earn and submit 60 PMP PDUS. You can see our other PMP PDU bundle if you need less PDUs to renew your PMP: 45 PDU Bundle, 30 PDU Bundle, and 15 PDU Bundle.

38 reviews for 60+ PMP PDU Online Course Bundle – Renew Your PMP® Certification Now!

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    Thanks Master of Project Academy for this bundle.

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  10. Very much recommended. Good source of several PDU hours.

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  13. It is a great opportunity to have this bundle. I was looking for webinars and earning 1 PDUs by watching them. Now, I could complete all my PDU needs in one go!

  14. It is a great value for great price! Thanks.

  15. Great resource to complete 60 PDUs. I was looking for 1 PDU webinars and it was taking long time. This one was straight! Thanks.

  16. It is great to enroll in this 60 PDU courses and fulfill all CCRS cycle requirements. Courses are also great and I learned a lot!

  17. I liked the content very well. Instructors are very responsive. One more improvement can be having these practice questions as simulation instead of PDF.
    I could renew my PMP 😉

  18. I enrolled in this bundle and I could completed the courses in one month. I am now complete in the CCRS cycle and apply for PMP renewal! Thanks Master of Project Academy.

  19. I was in the last 3 months of renewing my PMP period. I was looking for earning PDUs desperately on the web and fortunately I came across with this package. Thanks a lot to Master of Project Academy for the 60 PDU PMP Bundle. It helped me to complete my CCRS cycle online and self-paced.

  20. It was great to come across with this 60 PDU bundle. I could go ahead through the courses and fulfill my CCRS cycle in one go. Easy & affordable. Thanks to Master of Project Academy for offering this bundle.

  21. It is easy and affordable. Great bundle and easiness to complete CCRS cycle. I earned 60 PDUs for the next 3 years.

  22. Easy, online & straight-forward. No hassles. Great option to renew my PMP.

  23. It is great to have this PDU bundle when it comes to renewing PMP certificate. Because, it is always an hassle to find PDU resources. Only flaw of this site is, it takes about 24 hours to enroll in the courses after purchase. But this is acceptable.

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  27. I was struggling to find PDUs to renew my PMP. Only 6 months left to renew my PMP. I came this bundle. After I completed, I could renew my PMP. Only improve can be enrolling in courses right after purchase. However, team is very responsive and thanks to Emily from support team for her dedicated support.

  28. Great PDU credits course for renewing my PMP certification. I could enroll in courses all online and completed my CCRS with ease. Only improvement can be, after I purchased, I had to wait around 8 hours for my profile to be activated and seeing the courses.

    Great service!

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