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PMP® Prep Book – PMBOK 6th Ed. Updated PMP Exam Prep Book

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PMP Prep Book by Master of Project Academy will help you to pass PMP exam in your first attempt. This PMP exam prep book content has been organized like a real project!

– 25 Case Studies
– 175 Most Important Points to Know from PMBOK
– Unique learning approach to answer each Earned Value Management (EVM) question correctly.
– Sample 200 Questions PMP Exam
– 450+ Pages PMP eBook PDF in your email right after your purchase!

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Prepare with PMP® Prep Book by Master of Project Academy – Pass the PMP exam on 1st Attempt!

Master of Project Academy PMP® Prep Book will prepare you for the PMP exam to pass confidently on your first attempt. This PMP Exam Prep Book has been organized like a real project. This unique teaching approach will help you to understand PMP exam content easily and you will be able to remember PMP exam topics clearly.

PMP Prep Book’s 25 real-life case studies will cement your PMP preparation. Processes, inputs and outputs, tools &techniques and many other concepts in the PMP exam content are not easy to understand. Although you read and understand a process, you might not consider what it really means in a real project. What makes this PMP exam prep book is its unique approach in preparing PMP aspirants for PMP exam with real-life project case studies. This will enhance your theoretical knowledge since you will learn the practical implications of the concepts.

175 most important PMBOK concepts are distilled in PMP Prep Book. These important points are marked as Master Points in the PMP exam prep book and explained with clear simple terms. This will help you to cover the PMBOK® during your PMP study as well.

Learn how to solve EVM questions easily! EVM stands for Earned Value Management and requires math formula knowledge. PMP exam contains around 20 formula related questions. PMP Prep Book will help you to understand how to approach each EVM question and how to solve them correctly. Remember, 20 out of 200 PMP exam questions makes 10% of the exam!

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The list price of the PMP Prep Book by Master of Project Academy is $39.90. For a limited time, you can get this PMP exam prep book only for $29.90 and save 25%. You will have a licensed copy of PMP Exam Prep Book on your name.

Note: PMP Prep Book by Master of Project Academy is an eBook which is licensed on your name and delivered in your email after your purchase.

PMP Exam Prep Book is Ideal For…

Every experienced professional looking to advance their Project Management career by gaining PMP certification at the first attempt can get the PMP Prep Book. This PMP Book will help you to learn PMP exam content and will be a great supplementary guide during your PMP journey.

PMP certification is essential for most senior project management roles including:

– Project managers
– Associate/Asst. Manager – Projects
– Team leads/Managers
– Project Executives/Engineers
– Software Developers

Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

If you did not attend a 35 contact hours PM education, you can enroll in PMP certification training.

Frequently Asked Questions about PMP Book

We tried to address frequently asked questions about PMP book under this section. However, in case you might have additional questions, do not hesitate to shoot us an email at [email protected]. We will be happy to answer your questions about the PMP book.

– Why should I get this PMP book?

This PMP book is covers the latest PMBOK content and prepares you fully for the PMP certification exam. Common PMP books cover too many theoretical project management concepts and they are not easy to understand when you follow those PMP books. This PMP book has been designed in a way that how a real project goes on. Therefore, it will be easy to study this PMP book during your PMP journey.

25 case studies covered in the PMP book will enhance your practical project management skills. 175 distilled Master Points will help you to grasp the highlights of PMBOK so you will not need to go over the PMBOK. Unique learning approach to solve PMP math questions will increase your score in your PMP exam. Unlike the common PMP book options in the market, you will get a PMP Prep eBook pdf. The PMP book will be licensed on your name and you will be able to print or read online through your tablet, smartphone, PC or any other device you wish.

– When should I get the PMP Prep Book?

Whenever you start to prepare for the PMP exam. It will be great to follow this PMP book during your PMP journey together with a 35 contact hours PMP training program. If you did not start to your PMP preparation yet, you can read our seven-step PMP study plan for creating your own PMP study plan.

– Can I see sample sections from the PMP Prep Book?

Of course, we have created a free version of the PMP Prep Book. You will have an insight of how the PMP prep book structure is and whether it suits for your PMP study. You can reach the free PMP Prep Book sample version from this link.

– Can I read PMP Prep Book offline?

This PMP exam prep books will be licensed on your name after your purchase. Each page of the PMP prep book will contain your name upon you redeem your license. You can print and use your licensed copy for your own use and you can access it as you wish. You can use it on your smart phone, tablet PC, notebook or any other device you can open PDF files. Only restriction is, you cannot copy, redistribute or resell your licensed PMP book copy.

– Will I need any additional material other than PMP Book?

This PMP book covers all PMP exam content that you will need to know to pass the PMP exam. You will not need any other PMP book other than this one. However, there are PMP requirements that you must satisfy in order to be able to sit for the PMP exam. One of the PMP requirements is satisfying 35 contact hours project management education.

Studying this PMP prep book will prepare you for the PMP exam however it will not satisfy the project management education requirement of PMP exam. In order to satisfy this education requirement, you must attend in a PMP training.

– What is the best PMP exam prep book for me?

There is not an easy answer for this question. While some PMP aspirants find a PMP exam prep book very useful, others find it very hard to follow. Therefore, you must review PMP exam prep book options in the market and decide which will be the best for you. You can read more about best PMP book post to learn more.

– How should I use PMP exam prep book?

PMP exam prep book is aligned with the content of latest PMBOK and contains each knowledge area respectively. You must create a PMP study plan and complete each knowledge area per your plan. The key to your PMP success will be practicing with as many PMP exam questions as possible. Once you completed your PMP preparation, you can take a PMP exam simulator to assess your readiness for the PMP exam.

– How long can I access the PMP prep book for?

For however long you need it. You will have lifetime access to PMP prep book once you purchase. Lifetime access is exactly that – you will never lose access and it will be licensed on your name after you redeem your license. You will be able to access it online from any device you can open PDF files.

– Can I get a refund for the PMP book if I don’t like?

Once you purchased the PMP book, it will be licensed on your name and you will get the full PMP book in eBook PDF format. Since the all content is delivered upon purchase, unfortunately, refund will not be available for this product.

However, you can check from free PMP book version whether this PMP book is for you. You can reach the free PMP book from this link. If you like the free sample version, you can be confident to go for the purchase of the PMP book.

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  1. Great PMP prep book. The PMP exam theoretical concepts are covered in detail and with examples from real projects. It helped me as a great supplementary PMP study material while following my online PMP course.

  2. I was searching for a PMP prep book for a long time. I have also get benefited of MOPA’s PMP Certfiication Training and I was very happy when I saw Master of Project Academy served a PMP Prep Book. Suggested.

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