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Seven CISSP Simulation Exams – 1,050+ CISSP Questions

Enroll in the CISSP Exam Simulator, double your chances to pass the CISSP exam on your first attempt!

Do you want to pass the CISSP® certification exam in your first attempt? Increase your chance with the CISSP exam simulator!

The key to your CISSP success is practicing with as many CISSP simulation exams as possible. Master of Project Academy offers seven realistic CISSP exam simulations. With the help of these CISSP exam simulations, you will be able to assess your readiness for the CISSP exam.

Practice with 1,050 sample real-like 100% online CISSP exam questions. Increase your chance of getting the CISSP in your 1st attempt!

Master of Project Academy helped more than 300,000 professionals in 180+ countries to pass their certification exams with an industry-leading 99.6% first attempt pass rate.

Master of Project Academy allows professionals to advance their training at a schedule that fits their busy lives. No set dates, no set number of hours. No need to take time off to accommodate a course schedule in a physical classroom. And with 24-hour assistance, professionals have access to help whenever they need it.

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What do I get with the CISSP Exam Simulator?

100% Online Realistic CISSP exam simulator will help you to assess your readiness for your real CISSP exam. CISSP exam simulator questions are based on the latest CISSP Common Body of Knowledge.

Once you purchased the CISSP exam simulator, you will have access to CISSP exam simulation tests and you will be able to access CISSP exam simulation content from any internet-connected device.

After you completed each of the CISSP exam simulation tests, you will see your results immediately with a detailed explanation of all questions and rationales.


  • 1,050 sample real-like CISSP exam questions
  • Seven CISSP mock exams and the content of the latest CISSP Common Body of Knowledge are covered.
  • Up-to-date questions for the latest CISSP exam.
  • Answers and rationales for each CISSP exam simulation question
  • A detailed report of your CISSP exam simulation performance and further recommendations to pass your CISSP certification exam in your first attempt.
  • 24/7 assistance from our expert support team
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CISSP Exam Simulator is Ideal For…

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IT security became a critical issue with the evolution of the information age. And the demand for CISSP certified professionals in organizations increased respectively. CISSP Certification Training is best suited for:

  • IT security-related practitioner
  • Security Administrators
  • Security Auditors
  • Network Analysts
  • Security Analysts/Architects
  • Information Security Officers (ISO)
  • Consultants
  • Security Instructors

If you did not attend a CISSP training program, you can enroll in CISSP certification training. If you have already got the CISSP certification and trying to earn CPE hours to renew your CISSP certification, you can enroll in 60+ CPE Online Course Bundle.

What Successful Students Are Saying

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Professionals enrolled from 100+ organizations including these reputable organizations

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Enroll in CISSP® Exam Simulator Now!

-Seven Real-like CISSP Practice Exams
-1,050 CISSP Practice Questions
-Answers and Rationales for Each Question
-Monthly or Lifetime Access Options
-Access with any internet-connected device
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Frequently Asked Questions

-Why should I take the CISSP exam simulator?

CISSP exam requires a dedicated and rigorous study. Although you have completed comprehensive CISSP training, it might not be sufficient to pass the CISSP certification confidently. Not only special to the CISSP certification exam, but also valid for all other exams, the key to exam success is seeing as many different question styles as possible before taking the real exam. 

The CISSP exam simulator will help you to see the different types of real-like CISSP exam questions. You will feel like you did the same exam before in your real CISSP exam!

-When should I take the CISSP simulation exams?

The best time to take the CISSP simulation exams is after completing your CISSP preparation. Once you completed your CISSP training you can take CISSP simulation exams to assess your readiness. Once you are confident that you have the knowledge of the CISSP exam and you are ready to sit for the CISSP exam, you can take the CISSP exam simulator exams.

-Can I see sample questions or a demo of the CISSP Exam Simulator?

Of course, we have created a CISSP Exam Simulator Free Demo. You will see 15 sample CISSP questions from the full CISSP exam simulator and how the CISSP exam simulator product works in this demo.

-How should I use the CISSP exam simulator?

CISSP exam simulator has seven real-like CISSP exams. The question distribution, quality, and content are the real like the CISSP exam you will take. Therefore, we recommend you to take each CISSP simulation exam like you are taking the real CISSP exam.

For instance, choose a time to take a CISSP simulation exam, concentrate and set your timer. Start to take the CISSP simulation exam and take it like you are in the CISSP exam center. Once you finished the test, as in the real CISSP exam, you will be seeing your results immediately.

You will be able to see the rationales for each question. So, you will have a chance to go over your wrong answers and increase your knowledge until your real CISSP exam. As it might decrease your motivation and concentration, do not take more than one CISSP simulation exam in a day.

– How should I score in CISSP simulation exams to schedule my CISSP exam?

(ISC)² does not state a passing score for the CISSP certification exam. Depending on your scores, you will see 100 to 150 questions in total during your exam. Whenever your answers reveal a passing or failing benchmark, the exam finishes.

We recommend you score at least 70% from the CISSP simulator exam tests. If you can score over 70% from each CISSP simulation exam, you can book your CISSP exam and pass it confidently.

– How long can I access the CISSP exam simulator?

For however long you need it. You have monthly or lifetime access options for the CISSP exam simulator. Lifetime access is exactly that – you will never lose access and will receive free course content updates forever.

In the monthly plan, you will be charged each month on the same day of the first transaction.

– What if I am unhappy with the CISSP exam simulator?

All our courses come with a full 30-­day guarantee(*) for your protection. Our overall refund rate is less than 1% from 300,000+ students who have used our course to train for certification.

But if for any reason you decide to cancel, just email [email protected] within 30 days of enrollment, and we’ll refund your payment in full.

*Note that you must not have exceeded 10% of the content in order to get a full refund.

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