15 PMP pdu course

15 PDU Online Course Bundle

$614.00 $57.00

15+ PDU Online Course Package. Contains four online and self-paced certification courses to renew your PMP certification.

Bundle Includes: Agile Scrum Training & Microsoft Project Training

Everything you need to renew your PMP certification.


Earn 15 PDUs to Renew Your PMP Certification

Online and Self Paced Courses to Earn 15 PDUs

Master of Project Academy is the leading online and self-paced online course provider for professionals. Check out our course bundle for PMP certified professionals to renew their PMP certification.

2 Courses, 15+ Hours

Agile Scrum Certification Training (12+ Hours)

Microsoft Project Training (4+ Hours)

Limited Time Offer

All of these courses total list price is $614. For a limited time, you can enroll in all of these courses only for $57. Save 91%. You will have lifetime access to all courses in this 15 PDU Online Course Bundle.

How can I submit my earned PDUs?

Master of Project Academy’s Advantages

  • 99.6% Pass Rate: Over 50,000 professionals enrolled from 180+ countries in Master of Project Academy courses. 99.6% of these professionals passed their certification exams in their first attempt.
  • 15+ PDU Hours: You will access to 15+ PDU hours to renew your PMP certification. When you completed your online courses, you will be receiving certificate of completion for each course you completed as well.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Your satisfaction and success makes us happy. If you are not satisfied with our courses, we will provide a full refund in 30 days*. Less than 1% of our students asked for a refund so far.
  • 24 Hours Support: Master of Project Academy instructors and support team answer all of your questions within 24 hours. You will feel like you enrolled in a classroom training!

*To have full refund, you must not exceed 10% of the overall course progress.

56 reviews for 15 PDU Online Course Bundle

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  9. I was looking for 15 PDUs to complete my CCR cycle. It is very good that Master of Project Academy provides different PDU packages for your PDU necessity.

  10. After attending conferences, I had only 15 PDUs left to renew my PMP. Thanks to Master of Project Academy for this package. Now I am ready to renew my PMP 🙂

  11. I renewed my PMP and I could enroll in a very good course.

  12. It is nice to earn pdus by enrolling these online courses.

  13. Recommended.

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  19. Thanks to MOPA for completing my last 15 PDUs. I submitted my PMP renewal to PMI.

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  25. Great to find these 15, 30, 45 and 60 PMP PDU packs. It makes easy to complete PDU needs and renew PMP certification.

  26. Great source of PDUs. Easy, affordable and through!

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  40. Technical support team, instructors, video lectures, course content… I am completely satisfied with all the details of this platform. Thank you!

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  45. Completed the course today. Thoughtful and well organized. Would recommend this for anyone who needs to renew PMP

  46. Really useful for someone who is looking for renewing PMP. I enjoyed with the flexibility, it suited me cause I’m working a lot. Thanks.

  47. I have completed the course recently. I’m looking forward to being certified.

  48. I liked the instructor and the way of his teaching, the course was a great prep training for passing the PMP. Thanks.

  49. Knowledgeable instructors made it all pretty straight-forward.

  50. Booked on a whim and it went smoothly, pretty straight-forward to be honest.

  51. It responded to my expectations. Clear topic and well explained.

  52. The instructor was professional and also kind of funny. Useful stuff, I am now a fan of online learning.

  53. I liked the entire course, it was very educative and this a great prep training for passing the PMP.

  54. My friend recommended to me this course because I needed the last 15 PDUs, very educative, efficient course.

  55. Great source for the 15 PDUs. I learned from it a lot. Took me a while to decide to purchase it but I’m very happy.

  56. Easy to follow from beginning to end. Simple way to earn 15 PDUs!

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