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What is a project?

Project creates a unique results.

3 types of PMO structures in organizations are ...

Supportive, Controlling and Directive

Project manager can report to…

Functional Manager, Program Manager or Portfolio Manager

Reasons for project initiation

Market Demand, Social Need, Legal Requirement, Customer Request, Technological Advance etc.

Example of a project

Development a software application that will receive, record and prioritize the incidents received by customers.

Operational Work

Most of the work being done in organizations which is ongoing and repetitive.

Example of an operational work

Handling customer incidents through a software application which are received daily.

What is Project Management?

Application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.

What are the process groups of project management?

Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling ,Closing

Program is …

Group of projects which are related with each other.

Example of a program

Development of the entertainment system of a car with following projects: Connection Manager, Display Screen … etc.

Portfolio is …

Group of programs which might not be related however serve for the same business goal.

Example of a portfolio

A car manufacturer aims to produce three new car models in next three years to be the most convenient car manufacturer for women.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Department centralizes the management of projects in an organization.

The most important interpersonal skill for a Project Manager is ___

Communication is the most important interpersonal skill for a Project Manager.

Who is responsible for meeting project objectives?

Project Manager is the ultimate responsible for meeting project objectives.

Project objectives are …

What needs to be achieved as a result of project.

There is a trade-off between …

Project Requirements and Project Objectives

The most common project constraints are …

Time, Cost, Scope, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Risk and Resources

Organizational Process Assets

Plans, processes, policies, procedures and knowledge bases specific to and used by the performing organization.

Enterprise Environmental Factors

Conditions that are not under the control of the project team, that influence, constrain or direct the project.

Examples of Enterprise Environmental Factors

Organizational culture, structure, and governance; Government or Industry Standards; Political Climate; Marketplace Conditions


People whose interests may be positively or negatively impacted by the project.

Project Governance

Provides the project manager and team with structure, processes, decision-making models and tools for managing the project.

Project Team

Project Manager and the group of individuals who perform the project work.

What are the three common organizational structure types?

Functional, Projectized and Matrix

The most common organizational structure type is …

"Functional" organization type is the most common organizational structure in many organizations.

Which of the organizational structure types give the most control and authority to the project manager?

"Projectized" structure type gives the most control and authority to the project manager

In which type of organization team members report to functional managers and project managers?

"Matrix" type of organization team members report to functional managers and project managers

Project Expediter

Acts as staff assistant and communications coordinator. Cannot make any decision.

Project Coordinator

Acts like project expediter however he or she can make some minor decisions.

Advantages of Functional Organization

Team members report to only one supervisor; Similar resources are centralized and managed easier.

Disadvantages of Functional Organization

No career path in project management; The project manager has little or no authority.

Advantages of Projectized Organization

Efficient project organization; Loyalty to the project; More effective communications than functional

Disadvantages of Projectized Organization

Lack of professionalism in disciplines; Less efficient use of resources

Advantages of Matrix Organization

Highly visible project objectives; Maximum utilization of scarce resources.

Disadvantages of Matrix Organization

Extra administration is required; More than one boss for project teams; More complex to monitor and control

Product Life Cycle

Starts from conception of a new product to its withdrawal.

Development Lifecycles can be …

Predictive, iterative, incremental, adaptive or hybrid.

Project Phases are …

Collection of related activities that will produce a meaningful deliverable.

Phase Gates

Held at the end of a phase for review of business case, Project charter, plans etc.

Business Documents include

Business case and benefits management plan.

Who is accountable for preparing the business case document?

"Project Sponsor" is accountable for preparing the business case document

Business Case covers …

Business needs; Analysis of the situation; Recommendation; Evaluation

Benefits Management Plan

Defines the processes for creating, maximizing and sustaining the benefits provided by a project.

Benefits Management Plan covers …

Strategic alignment; Timeframe for realizing benefits; Benefits owner


Selecting appropriate tools, techniques, procedures etc. to manage a project.

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